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We are part of the Llwchwr Ministry Area

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May 2019  
Sunday 19th
The Fifth Sunday of Easter
08:30 Holy Eucharist
10:00 Morning Prayer
Monday 20th 09:15 Ysgol Login Fach years 1.2 & 3
13:15 Ysgol Login Fach years 4 5 & 6
Tuesday 21st 09:15 Waunarlwydd Primary Years 3 & 4
Wednesday 22nd 10:30 Midweek Communion Service
13:15 Waunarlwydd Primary Years 5 & 6
Thursday 23rd 13:15 Waunarlwydd Primary Years 1 & 2
Friday 24th 09:15 Waunarlywydd Nursery
Sunday 26th
The Sixth Sunday of Easter
08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Holy Eucharist
Tuesday 28th 10,30 Bible Study
19.15 MA Praise
Wednesday 29th 10:30 Midweek Communion Service
13.50 Contemplative Prayer
June 2019  
Saturday 1st 09:30 Work party
Sunday 2nd
The Seventh Sunday of Easter
08:30  Holy Eucharist
10:00 Family Service
18:00 Healing Service
Wednesday 5th 10:30 Midweek Communion Service
Sunday 9th
The Day of Pentecost Whitsun
08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Holy Eucharist
Wednesday 12th 10:30 Midweek Communion Service
Sunday 16th
The Day of Pentecost Whitsun
08:30 Holy Eucharist
10:00 Morning Prayer
Wednesday 19th 10:30 Midweek Communion Service


Our Vicar is the
Rev. Canon Dr. Ian Davies

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Our Curate is
Rev. Julie Wagstaff

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on Saturday 27th June 2015
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The Reverend Canon Dr. Ian Davies
The New Vicarage
59a Victoria Road

Tel: 01792 874286

Tel: 01792 845426

Online Prayer Request

St Barnabas Church has been a place of prayer and solace for over 100 years. It is on this footprint of prayer that we gather daily, throughout the parish, to seek God's guidance and love. Prayer is the means by which we communicate with God, both giving and receiving of God's Grace in equal measure.

For many Christians prayer is a central part of their daily lives. People who commute on a train or bus will sometimes find this period in the day where they can gather their thoughts in prayer and meditation. There are those amongst us who set aside regular times each day to communicate with God, seeking help and advice, praising His glory and the ministry of those who undertake His work in our communities. Prayer is free, there are no connection charges or fees charged by the minute - it is the cheapest and best long distance call you can make.

If you would like us to pray for you and with you, please let us know using the e-mail link below. If you would like one of our Ministry Team to contact you in person to pray with you or to discuss things that may be troubling you, please indicate this at the end of your message.

Please email us and write your prayer in whatever language you feel is most comfortable.

Email your prayer to: